Memphis in Poland fest

Memphis in Poland fest

I feel very honored and privileged to be a part of very special event, which will happen in Poland next week.

I am posting the fragments of the article from „Memphis Business Journal” as well as links where you can read more about it.       

Beside all support I am getting from Polish -American Society, I have to mention Restaurant in Sopot “Kancelaria” which will let me do my all prep and cooking in their kitchen, (it is so generous)

Even as a Master Chef having vast experience my feeling is a little disturbed taking for consideration that the last time I was working in Polish Kitchen was year 1977 . To come to other nation kitchen is always challenge, remember beginning of my work in US kitchen and looking for Cornstarch, I turn my back to the kitchen and tasted Confectioners’ Sugar and Cornstarch to make sure I am not mistaking. Well that was the language barrier I didn’t know the English that time but I never forgot the Polish. I like to put all I have to make success not only for me, but after all I am representing US “BBQ” Well that’s going to be many gatherings with World class chefs like Wojciech Amaro Michelin Star Chef  or Jarek Uśćiński Prezes Stowarzyszenia Szefόw

Two years ago, the Memphis in May (MIM) International Festival honored Poland. In a few weeks, the country will return the favor.

From June 12-18, Memphis in Poland will take place in Gdańsk, and Sopot, a neighboring city.

The idea originated from Ryszard Schnepf, Poland’s former ambassor to the United States. The idea was born while he was an honorary guest at Memphis in May MIM 2015. The Polish-American Society of Memphis is coordinating the event. Next week, a promotional push will begin in Poland that will include five billboards, 5,000 flyers, 30 radio spots and coverage on TVN, the country’s largest media outlet.

The festival will kick off with an inaugural National Civil Rights Museum(NCRM) exhibition at the European Solidarity Center and lectures from Noelle Trent, director of interpretations, collections and education of the NCRM, about the museum.

The event will also include a Memphis barbecue festival featuring Chef Edward Nowakowski, who formerly lived and worked in Memphis; a virtual chess tournament between Memphis’ Douglass Elementary School and Jan Matejka School in Sopot; performances from Rock for Human Rights and Memphis Mix, a blues-rock-soul band formed by Marcin Arendt, professor at the Rudi Scheidt School of Music and a member of the IRIS Orchestra.

The festival will also feature performances from a Polish blues band, Blues Night Shift, that competed in the 2013 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

The society raised money from its members to make the event a reality, and the event received a grant from the U.S. embassy in Poland. Sponsors include International Paper, which has operations in Poland. Other sponsors are Memphis-based Belvedere Management and Memphis-based Eco Services LLC. Support also came from the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB),

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New Year’s Ball Culinary review

Well, the ball has dropped in New York City, New Year’s Eve celebration is over. And we are ready (you want it or not) for another rotation around the Sun, with new resolution and great spirit.

To recap the past long hours of my culinary preparation I need looking back and make sure next time will be better. We should always struggle to make better next year. Well; I will!! with a few changes.

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my satisfaction

2016-08-15-12-15-432016-04-02-19-34-532016-08-27-22-28-292016-04-15-22-12-472016-09-02-21-23-23-2I was stressed out, thinking about how I would possibly can spend my retirement time, seating somewhere with fishnet counting how many times water splashed, or seating on the porch and waiting for God – not for me. It was such a great surprise when I found out that in my edge of 73 I still can joggle so much between my mini catering business and Chef Consultant job.
Believe me I can teach and I can learn as well. Gastronomique part of our life will never be casted; there will be always something new to experience.
I really appreciate my top notch effort to be mentor and have opportunity to produce something different than “fast food product” which is indispensable as well.


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