Let your Loved ones know that they are the heartbeat of your every single days. It is said that love is as close as we get to God – because to love fully, selflessly, with all our spiritual and physical energy, is God itself. So all you need is love, but a few of twice chocolate dipped strawberry doesn’t hurt and improve your feeling

New Year’s Ball Culinary review

Well, the ball has dropped in New York City, New Year’s Eve celebration is over. And we are ready (you want it or not) for another rotation around the Sun, with new resolution and great spirit.

To recap the past long hours of my culinary preparation I need looking back and make sure next time will be better. We should always struggle to make better next year. Well; I will!! with a few changes.

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my satisfaction

2016-08-15-12-15-432016-04-02-19-34-532016-08-27-22-28-292016-04-15-22-12-472016-09-02-21-23-23-2I was stressed out, thinking about how I would possibly can spend my retirement time, seating somewhere with fishnet counting how many times water splashed, or seating on the porch and waiting for God – not for me. It was such a great surprise when I found out that in my edge of 73 I still can joggle so much between my mini catering business and Chef Consultant job.
Believe me I can teach and I can learn as well. Gastronomique part of our life will never be casted; there will be always something new to experience.
I really appreciate my top notch effort to be mentor and have opportunity to produce something different than “fast food product” which is indispensable as well.


Can anyone tell the Mr. Donald Trump we would like him to be President, but his stupidity and childish behavior pump-up presidential results to Mrs. Clinton, his behavior is very similar to the little boy in the Novel by Janusz Korczak “King Matt the First” “Krόl Maciuś Pierwszy” Really there is no one in all USA ; young – well educated and NOT BILLIONAIRE. Is that only the fortune to decide who will be next president? That maybe the reason why we are who we are!!!

My Boss my President

Well; just like everything is changing with time in our lives, in my life too. In 1980 Donald Trump take me out of “Paul’s Restaurant” where he was dining with former wife Ivona to work for him ( 3½yr) to open his first bigger project “Grand Hyatt” NY. Fist class property at the time, Classical French dining room “Trumpets” and Up-scale “Crystal Fountain” In spay of Donald Trump impossible mission I had a great time to working there, even with my wife, we both at the time have been far away from U S residential legalization. Tough man Donald, demanding impossible, accomplishing results out of regards. Hope if he will be a President will do same with small acceptation; all class and style are gone today of “Grand Hyatt” today Grand Hyatt is a part of “train Station”

Your heart your care

Seven years ago, I refused to allow my doctor to perform by-pass surgery on me as a last solution. His nurse tried for approximately a month to get me on the operation table, and finally other doctor kept me on Plavix and Lipitor for a year. Was told I needed to change my chef’s habit of eating and cut back on snacking, so I created a diet and I want to share with you some of it. Today I am free of any medication and after my nuclear test, doctor wrote across the test sheet “Perfect”.

Here is one of the items:

“Daily Smoothie” (Very similar to Gazpacho Soup with some twist) is quick & easy.
The way I do is; once a week I am loading my refrigerating drawer with ready prep ingredients for that Smoothie everything what can be is washed, clean and storage in the Ziploc bags, then as I need I will make smoothie small amount at the time, no more than for one day consumption. Cold and thick smoothie kept in cooler is not always tasty, loosing value, changing consistency, got tendency to get sour quickly. Every ingredients listed has specific affect on your health and immune system, I can explain each one but that will take a little brochure size book, not enough space here.

Cucumbers; should be peeled, seeded, roughly chopped.
Fresh carrot; should be peeled, roughly chopped.
Baby Spinach; just washed, drained
Bell Peppers; should be seeded, roughly chopped.
Red Onions; should be peeled, roughly chopped. (Yes onion & garlic is necessary in moderation)
Garlic; the best just crushed fresh each time you do smoothie, garlic loses nutritional value as oxidized
Celery; just washed, drained
Ginger; must be added every time fresh
Roma Tomato should be peeled or grape tomato whole
V8 Juice
Olive oil
Greek or low fat sour cream
Fresh Blueberry; just washed, drained
Cilantro – optional; alternative maybe basil, just washed, drained, freshly cut, – oxidation destroys the value of fresh greens.
Dice Avocado; Optional but is good – rich in carotenoid antioxidants, should be add diced after blending
Seasoning; is your choice, with exception, no salt – lemon juice will replace salt. No sugar – honey or agave syrup will do the work and prevent sugar damage to your body. You can use in addition; cinnamon, pepper; Middle East people would like curry powder and sesame oil.
In food processor or blender combine all ingredients. Process until finely pureed. Transfer mixture to a mixing bowl and add fresh squeezed lemon juice, hot sauce or tabasco and mix well. Cover and refrigerate for short period of time, so all ingredients will unite. With prepared ingredients should take no more than 15 minutes to make.

Have Seafood Martini with me; (Shrimp Scallop Ceviche and Glass of Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc)

Ceviche is the summertime food because it’s light, fresh, refreshing, and served cold, making it perfect for a hot day I like to use Shrimp and Bay Scallops. The only difference when using shrimp and scallops is that it is recommended to par-boil prior to marinating them in the lime juice. It will help speed up the process and the texture. More importantly this procedure will kill any possible bacteria that may be on the shrimp. This is not an issue with raw sushi grade fish. Ceviche can easily be made year round. The ceviche is raw fish of your choice marinated in fresh lime or lemon juice, then seasoned with additional spices or vegetables like chopped onion, jalapeño, and tomatoes and herbs like cilantro, I enhances my ceviche with fried spinach tortillas strips or other crunchy ingredients. It is the best with glass of fruit driving citrusy accent wine, just like; Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc
Contact me if you need more info.