my satisfaction

2016-08-15-12-15-432016-04-02-19-34-532016-08-27-22-28-292016-04-15-22-12-472016-09-02-21-23-23-2I was stressed out, thinking about how I would possibly can spend my retirement time, seating somewhere with fishnet counting how many times water splashed, or seating on the porch and waiting for God – not for me. It was such a great surprise when I found out that in my edge of 73 I still can joggle so much between my mini catering business and Chef Consultant job.
Believe me I can teach and I can learn as well. Gastronomique part of our life will never be casted; there will be always something new to experience.
I really appreciate my top notch effort to be mentor and have opportunity to produce something different than “fast food product” which is indispensable as well.