Have Seafood Martini with me; (Shrimp Scallop Ceviche and Glass of Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc)

Ceviche is the summertime food because it’s light, fresh, refreshing, and served cold, making it perfect for a hot day I like to use Shrimp and Bay Scallops. The only difference when using shrimp and scallops is that it is recommended to par-boil prior to marinating them in the lime juice. It will help speed up the process and the texture. More importantly this procedure will kill any possible bacteria that may be on the shrimp. This is not an issue with raw sushi grade fish. Ceviche can easily be made year round. The ceviche is raw fish of your choice marinated in fresh lime or lemon juice, then seasoned with additional spices or vegetables like chopped onion, jalapeño, and tomatoes and herbs like cilantro, I enhances my ceviche with fried spinach tortillas strips or other crunchy ingredients. It is the best with glass of fruit driving citrusy accent wine, just like; Verdejo-Sauvignon Blanc
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