My Mom

Mother’s Day is just behind the corner. Even people like me are thinking about the past days with mother. I lost my mother in 2008, after so many years with heartache I am recalling this moment.  I published the book in honor of my mother’s life “Brush with Edge of Time and Profession” described our relationship as a mother and son.

From the edge of 16th I was always helping my mom to raise another 4 younger siblings, not always was so easy but with great feelings and enjoyment I let my mom celebrate her Birthday and Mother’s Day even if I have to still the flowers from some garden or wild flowers from edge of the forest. We had not enough money to buy enough food so flowers were that time luxury. Today I am not suggesting to do that but, let’s your Mom to know that she is the heartbeat of your every single day, and she is the only one best joy of your life, your only MOM.

Thank you Mom for being the best mom we could ever ask for. We could never thank you enough for everything you have done and continue to do for us by implanting good habit in us.

Thank you Mom for always putting us before yourself and always making us feel so important. Thank you my marvelous Mom for being you. We just want to tell you how much we love you. We just want to say we are sorry for our bitchy moments where I’ve been just plain mean. In tokens of appreciation please accept this little box of twice chocolate dipped strawberry and of course these rosés as well.