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I’m the Chef and Owner of Euro Fine Catering Services Brooklyn, NY, teacher and a champion of European cuisine; I am teaching and mentoring many of professional chefs and food enthusiasts. I was teaching in L’École Culinaire of Memphis, conducting culinary classes in ACF Chef’s Association as well weekly cooking classes for House Wife’s in some other social organization

I just re-publish the book “Brush with the Edge of Time and Profession” My book describes an incredible genuine story including details about my mother’s and may life from the time of World War II under Hitler, Stalin era, the communist regime to time of my immigration to US. Book describe also tremendous different between old fashion of teaching culinary trade comparing to new innovated way.

With tremendous respect to the dedication of the books with historical expression of the occurrences and to keep memory of horrible time of the World War II which effected many people.

It begins with my young mother’s experiences at the beginning and during the German occupation of almost whole Europe during World War II, her transportation to Linz, Austria to a forced labor on the farm where she meets others whose arrival there was under much worse circumstances than hers.  It goes on to describe the difficulties as a worker on the farm, and as a young mother away from family and friends, especially when her son (me) is taken away from her, with rights to visit me once a month only to increased her productivities at work.  After the war, my father (a French soldier who has been at the same farm) returns to Poland from France, and is reunited with Mother and me, his big disappointment with Polish after war political and economical system.

Mother and me, we describes how life was after the war under Communist regime in Poland, and how it affected our lives in respect to school, work as I began my chef’s career, old fashion Culinary Institute in Poland, much different than today’s Chefs students experiences, and life in general.

I’m a the Certified Master Chef educated  in Poland and Certified F&B Executive certified in U S, specialized in all aspects of culinary art, some pictures of my work you will find on my web-site

My culinary history includes hotel-restaurant school in Poland, cooking dinner for Nikita Khrushchev, working banquets for General Jaruzelski, Prime Minister of Poland, and Marshall A. Grechko, Soviet east bloc commander who organized the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.

I then describe my journey to the U.S. and the beginning of my career here, along with many funny not English speaking emigrant stories.

Since arriving in the U.S., I’ve worked for many major brand hotels, such as Hyatt NY, Four Seasons Hotel, Registry, Marriott and Hilton hotels. I was hosting twice Vice President All Gore, Lt. General James F. McCall, controller of the U.S. Army, several U.S. state governors and members of Congress, as well as working for President Trump at his project of Grant Hyatt N Y in 1980.

I tell of my second love, Julia who came from Poland to America to be with me, and our experiences as we travelled around with my work assignments which eventually brought us to Memphis Wilson Conference Center.

Last, is the tale of our fight with the dread disease “cancer” which consumed us both, and which finally took my beloved Julia away from me, to let me survived to carry sorrow and grief of losing my beloved lifetime partner and companion.

I can provide you with more information. You may contact me via e-mail  or by Phone # 347-414-4227.  Book is available on line by clicking on my web-site or Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thank you very much, and enjoy your reading, I look forward to your review.