Monthly Archives: August 2016


Can anyone tell the Mr. Donald Trump we would like him to be President, but his stupidity and childish behavior pump-up presidential results to Mrs. Clinton, his behavior is very similar to the little boy in the Novel by Janusz Korczak “King Matt the First” “Krόl Maciuś Pierwszy” Really there is no one in all USA ; young – well educated and NOT BILLIONAIRE. Is that only the fortune to decide who will be next president? That maybe the reason why we are who we are!!!

My Boss my President

Well; just like everything is changing with time in our lives, in my life too. In 1980 Donald Trump take me out of “Paul’s Restaurant” where he was dining with former wife Ivona to work for him ( 3½yr) to open his first bigger project “Grand Hyatt” NY. Fist class property at the time, Classical French dining room “Trumpets” and Up-scale “Crystal Fountain” In spay of Donald Trump impossible mission I had a great time to working there, even with my wife, we both at the time have been far away from U S residential legalization. Tough man Donald, demanding impossible, accomplishing results out of regards. Hope if he will be a President will do same with small acceptation; all class and style are gone today of “Grand Hyatt” today Grand Hyatt is a part of “train Station”